Wii U eshop highlights

The Wii U has a whole host of great games as well as a few mediocre ones. Games like Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 and even Lego City Undercover are great games that can be bought on disc. Often though I believe many of us forget about Nintendo’s digital offering on the eshop which also hosts a decent library of games. There are several ones worth mentioning but for now here is just one.


Nano Assault Neo is a very interesting game. When the Wii U was first release this was one of its launch titles. Anyone wanting to wage germ warfare will be satisfied with what this provides as you the player pilot your little ship and shoot all forms of germs and enemies in order to fix the cell cluster. It is a very interesting game that many people should enjoy and provides a fun experience as well as being one of the major highlights of the eshop.

Score chasers will find more satisfaction with the game then other gamers as the online leader boards provide a certain challenge which they will try to meet which is very challenging to reach for. As well as this the game is very beautiful with several picturesque cells.

If you live in Australia the game can be purchased for $13.00 and is cheaper in America.


Why I love Donkey Kong 64

The Donkey Kong series has been around since 1981 and while I may not have been born for many years after that the series has been a big part of my life. Donkey Kong 64 was one of the biggest game changers for me. Prior to this experience my life was filled with Pokémon adventures and classic Super Nintendo Mario games as well as classic Donkey Kong country. Donkey Kong 64 opened my eyes to the potential of video games and the big worlds that can exist within them. Among all the games I have played Donkey Kong 64 still remains one of my favourites, the way Rare managed to incorporate some of the ideas of the Donkey Kong Country games in the sense of world sections and transferred that into  well designed 3D world was brilliant. Such beauty got presented out before my eyes and then adding in the very mechanics that were added to the games such as the comedic fruit based weaponry. As well as adding the big search for bananas that required both simple and difficult puzzle solving in order to retrieve. Nintendo has one of its best entries to the Donkey Kong Franchise in this game and while many would most likely disagree with why I love this game I can’t help but feel proud to have had this game in my life. I am still just hoping that Nintendo will one day revisit this style for the Donkey Kong games as it was just so rich with adventure and things to see.