Remembering the Wii part 1 – Wii Sports

The inevitable has happened as the next generation race heats up between the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. Nintendo has decided to discontinue their little box that could the Wii in order to focus on the Wii U. But while the Wii  may be gone in sales, and slowly drifting away in favour of some love for its successor, it is still nice to remember why we loved our little machine but instead of focusing on all the confusing and perhaps more boring details, I believe it is better to look at what truly made the console what it was. Which is a success.
The Wii had multiple games that made it great, (in my opinion at least) but while I would like to get through several of them now I think it would be nice to look at the game that originally made the Wii a success.
If there was one idea that truly sold the Wii it was the motion controls idea, yes every other console came up with their own because of its mass popularity, but the Wii was the only one that truly did it right. For the motion system to work it needed at least one game to show why this was a good idea and so enters Wii Sports, the sports game that even people who hate sports can get into.
Nintendo’s idea was to bundle in this game with a few years of early consoles and give people a chance to experience a revolution. The era of the motion control was afoot and Wii Sports demonstrated why you had to have a Wii.
Containing five sports to play and enjoy it fully demonstrated the sheer brilliance that Nintendo had created in their new console. I will admit there was a bad egg in this basket and I am sure many of you will agree with me, but that didn’t matter Wii sports fully seeked to demonstrate what the console and controls could do.
Tennis, Baseball, Bowling and even Boxing took over peoples television sets, Wii remotes went through roofs, smacked people in the head and more. Standard Nintendo fans were hooked on the experience, getting the satisfaction of being interactive with the game and also being good at a sport which likely they never were before.
The point that truly made the Wii and Wii Sports a success was the multiplayer which would have been there either way, but it made for what could be considered as an unforeseeable effect. Targeting family was always Nintendo’s main focus for games, but Wii Sports truly showed this, non-gamers became a heavy part of the games audience due to its ideas. As families would gather in front of the television to challenge each other to matches of tennis, a nice clean Baseball match or even a game of bowling. Many people thought it was great that because of this game they could have time with their children or family doing what they liked and so the Wii become quite a success.
All of the sports had a certain level of interactivity and challenge and this is what families enjoyed the spirit of the competition. This is where I look back from could the Wii have been a success without Wii Sports, it is possible but it did help to catch the family angle. It was five sports that people enjoyed and played to death. Even today you can still sometimes hear people knocking down those virtual pins, or hitting a pretty great rally. Their laughs, their tears, their joy is all part of great memory of a game that started an entire era of greatness for one console, the future may have held more but this was the first leap and I am glad it was as good as it was and still loved today.
Thankyou for reading Part 1 of remembering the Wii and I hope you enjoyed it. Stay watching for Part 2 in the near future.