Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes Review

Platform: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

Developer: Kojima Productions

Publisher: Konami

Score: 7

Length can be a major factor in how much we enjoy a game. whether it be either short or even long how long the events of a game last really have to tell us whether a game is truly worth playing and whether or not we are going to get our money’s worth out of the game. While some games far exceed there expiration point and drag on for far to long, there are others that do not do enough and make us question “was it really worth it?” I remember posing this question to myself when I played the videogame for Transformers Prime which when I finished the game at around two and a half hours I had to ask “did I really enjoy this game?” My answer to this question was yes. The way the game was played and the length hit the perfect point before I started to get bored by the games repetitive nature. It was the perfect game that I could put down at any point and pick up again quite happily, sadly now though I am forced to question myself once again.

I faced this issue quite drastically in Metal Gear Solid V, by the time I had finished my playthrough the story I had clocked in about two hours into the game including deaths in my count. I am then forced to make my question about the games value and whether I actually got what I wanted. The answer has to come in two parts though, the story itself is quite interesting and the game within those two hours was quite enjoyable to play but disappointingly does not last long enough. I had finished my run in the story sad because I wanted more from that itself.


The lack of meat in the story is at least made up for with plenty of extra side content known as side ops. Upon completing the story mission Ground Zeroes there is a number of extra missions made available and these do at least add a bit of extra enjoyment to the game. While the main story mission mostly revolves around sneaking and avoiding being seen the extra missions add new ideas that allow us to actually get into the action rather then sneaking around. Of course sneaking is never a problem and there are a few missions where this approach is accepted and often it is far better then getting into the action. Either way these missions give us more enjoyment and can keep you busy for at least another couple of hours as you hang from a Helicopter and shoot at people, you take out specific targets or you gather information.


The only real problem I found with the extra missions is that we are always in the same overused location, the enemy prison camp we explore as part of the main story is the only location used throughout the game. By the time we have been through the story we have already seen everything that the prison camp offers and it is not really that exciting. I would have found these missions more enjoyable if we had been offered more locations to visit and it does ruin some of the enjoyment.

As previously mentioned one of your main skills at your disposal is sneaking and this is a major part of succeeding at your missions as you carefully move around and avoid detection. Often running around and just shooting everyone in sight is not a good option for getting around places so be sneaky and avoiding line of sight is preferred. It is not always easy to manage though and a new feature has been added in case you get seen. When first detected by an enemy while sneaking the game slows right down and allows you to quickly dispose of an enemy and get away which can help with getting around.165186_screenshot_03_l

To be honest as much as I did have fun with Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes there are two things that just kept coming to mind, the first thing was that that because of the length this game felt more like a tech demo for the games engine. That is to say the FOX engine which Hideo Kojima is using for this game and its follow up the Phantom Pain which while the game looked really good and I believe the rain effects looked fantastic it just did not offer the content to fully back up the full release, this then lead me to my second thought with was Ground Zeroes being released only because of fan demand. People were wanting a new Metal Gear game and we got this but I can’t help but feel even Metal Gear Solid fans will be disappointed.metal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes-2

I think I may sound harsh about this game but that is only because there is so much potential and that this is more an advertisement for the Phantom Pain. Still while I don’t think those people who want some more meat to their games will be happy I can say that if you are willing to try and do better with several replays and achieve better results on missions and replay the main story a few times over there is something here for you. I still can’t help but feel like this was wasted potential and that what you get for your money is not completely worth it, however if you can see past how short the game is there is still some fun to be had with the incredible gameplay.



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