Mario Kart 8’s bonus game promotion is only available for a couple more days

A quick reminder to those who have purchased Mario Kart 8 for their Wii U recently, the promotion for the game where you are able to get one of 10 games only has a couple of days left. If you haven’t registered if you haven’t registered the game yet I highly recommend you do and claim your free game before it is to late.

The games on offer for those who don’t know are as follows:

Pikmin 3

New Super Mario Bros U

Nintendo Land

The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker HD

Game and Wario

The Wonderful 101

Sonic Lost World

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Wii Party U

I have played a good portion of these games and most of them are really worth your time to even pay for, I would actually recommend this opportunity as a chance to play a game you are unsure about to give it a try like what I have been doing with Game & Wario. Otherwise I would really well recommend that you play Wind Waker or Pikmin 3 as both of those are really great games. But I also don’t think you should go past Wonderful 101 either as it is so messed up in its plot and other points but the gameplay itself was brilliant and made excellent use of the Gamepad controller. Just be sure to register the game.


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