My Pokemon Y dairy 1

Hello fellow wordpress users and Pokemon fans, I come to you today with a specific goal in mind to talk to you about Pokemon Y. I just bought myself a new copy of Pokemon Y after my first one went missing along with my other Pokemon games other then X and a small selection of other favourites, I have been really wanting to play through the game again for a while and get to build a team of Pokemon through my adventure that I have specially trained with the help of Pokemon X and Y’s super training ability and that is basically what I have got going on in the game with the start of my special training to perhaps make battling other people more enjoyable.

So know I bring the first of hopefully many of my Pokemon Y diaries: I haven’t had much time with Pokemon Y today with me having time with another game on my 3DS but I did pull at least an hour or so into the game and so what happened in my Pokemon Journey today, well my journey in Kalos has begun again and I have received my starter Pokemon. I chose to pick Fenniken as my starter Pokemon this time having already raised a powerful Greninja and an awesome Chestnaught, but it didn’t really go beyond that, immediately I began my super training and have raised up my Fenniken to be a great Special attacker and defender so hopefully when it finally gets to its final form it will be the really good. Next time I head into Santalune Forest and I aim to continue my journey with a new Pokemon.

I am hoping to improve how this is done in the future and hopefully continue this we will just have to wait and see.


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