My week in games

I have always felt like it is a great thing to be able to talk about my games and what I have spent my week playing. Of course this week I haven’t had much else to so having hurt my foot so I have spent a good amount of my time playing games and watching television shows, but I don’t think you would be reading this to find out I have been watching all five seasons of Ghost Whisperer instead you want to know what has been played this week in games. On a side note I plan to do this as often as possible so I can share my week with somebody other then the members of my family. So what has been happening this week in games well lets take a look.

From time to time I tend to pick up my 3DS and set out to replay The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, although I am not really a big fan of Ocarina of Time I tend to pick up and play Ocarina of Time on multiple occasions to give my 3DS some play time when I am not in the mood for Pokemon or a some of my downloaded games. So I started playing Ocarina of Time for a short while completing the first two dungeons of the game and I will hopefully get back to it soon for even more time.

On top of that I have also finally picked up a new copy of Pokemon Y as you will probably know by know if you have read my PokemonY diary I started. I haven’t spent much time playing the game yet but I have enjoyed going back to Pokemon Y thus far.

I finally got around to doing my club Nintendo Mario Kart 8 promotion game this week and with it I chose to get a download code for Game and Wario having already owned six of the other games on offer. I chose this game mostly because of the negative things I had heard about it and so I picked it up to see if my opinion will be different, at this point in time I will admit that there are a couple of games on offer that aren’t that great, however I have found that there are some that are highly enjoyable, I am hoping to get the review done soon.

Also this week I played and finished the Legend of Zelda the Minish cap and had a pretty good time considering it was originally a gameboy advance game. I actually feel the Wii U virtual console made the game even more enjoyable with the gamepad’s joysticks and the restore points.

Well that was my week with games for this week, what have you been playing and what do you think of your games?


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