Pokemon Y diary day 2

Hello and welcome to day 2 of my Pokemon Y diary where I recount my adventure of the day, again before I go anywhere I will admit I did not play that much again today as I was having more time with Rhythm Thief and the Emperors Treasure. But I have had some more time with the game and my adventure today took me into Santalune forest.

Following yesterday’s special training of my starter Pokemon Fenniken I began my journey today heading out on my journey into Santalune forest, after spending a good portion of my time training my Fenniken in the forest I finally came across my Pikachu. After a quick battle I managed to capture my Pikachu and began my super training upon completion my Pikachu is now a master in Special Attack and Speed, following this I continued my journey and travelled through the forest continuing my training. I am now on my way to Santalune City ready to face down my first gym leader of the game with my Pikachu as my partner. First my training must continue until tomorrow when I will recount tomorrow’s adventure.

As it stands my Pokemon levels sit at:

Fenniken/ Male/ Level 11

Pikachu/ Female / Level 9

Stay tuned for more in my Pokemon journey as I hopefully will start having more to recount. In case you missed it here is my first dairy from my journey.


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