Simon’s Thoughts – How DLC could benefit the Pokemon franchise

Downloadable content or DLC as many of you seem to prefer has become an increasing staple in the video game industry, the extra content provided by this feature has allowed games to further expand and tell an extended story of past, present and future as well as offering additional gameplay for people who enjoy multiplayer with the additions of new maps in games such as Call of Duty. The addition of this content has on occasion made games better but in a sense it has made games feel incomplete, this has come down to how the players of these games feel like they’re playing a game that the developers were rushed to finish and so this content had to be made. Now in my thoughts I am not considering that Game Freak should just release a game Gym by Gym for the sake of releasing a game faster, that would not be worth it and would upset a lot of long time fans instead I would actually suggest that we can extend the long time enjoyment of the games by the use of DLC and I will tell you why.

One of the biggest problems that I often find in Pokemon games is post game content, the games for the most point lack any form of extra content beyond the story and that can quickly lead to a level of disappointment for those like myself who tend to enjoy the story of the game and enjoy the adventure of the game more so than the online content. Some of us are not very good when it comes to raising really tough Pokemon and so that is why we enjoy our adventure, the game never forces us to have a Pokemon with maximum EV’s or Effort values in order to beat an enemy trainer and the world is free for us to just explore, it is at these points I do consider the importance of DLC and the positive effects it can have on the gamer.


The one thing that I have often thought is wrong with the Pokemon games is the lack of story given throughout the world, sure we have our main premise point new trainer gets a Pokemon, he or she travels around the region battling a series of gym leaders all in the mean time stopping a major criminal organization with their own evil or misguided goals. While these ideas have worked for all these years I still think that there are many more stories that can be told in this world then the games actually tell and the many towns of the game along with the residents that reside there could be major parts of telling said story. Even if the developers did not want to have this as part of the main game due to time constraints DLC could be a helpful factor in expanding the world and bringing greater depth. A whole lot of the areas presented in Pokemon games feel unnecessary to the core game and it is sad that they can build these worlds but the developers never really try to prompt more than one visit to a wide number of places and DLC could bring the opportunity to really give these towns a voice and maybe even expand on the original map with selected new areas that the player can freely visit at any time once the story element set there is completed.

I also reckon DLC could help in really exploring the ideas of Pokemon and some of their abilities to provide new ideas and a whole new sense of adventure. I reference the Pokemon television series and Ash’s adventure in the Sinnoh region, in one of the episodes Ash and his friends encounter a Mismagius that hypnotizes them and places them in a world of their dreams where they finally achieve their goals. I think Game Freak could expand upon this content from the Pokemon television series into the games to really give a further sense of adventure for the Pokemon and with this example get put n a world similar to that of Mad Hatters in Batman Arkham Origins where Batman is in a fantasy world reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. But there are several stories Game Freak could tell with a varying number of Pokemon to really bring to mind just how unique each one is and expand upon the knowledge of the world.


Likewise Game Freak could also use DLC as a way to help get legendary Pokemon and actually make it mean something. As we know through the general story of the Pokemon games we often encounter a small selection of legendary Pokemon tied to the story of the game such as title legendaries, including Pokemon such as Dialga in Pokemon Diamond and Palkia in Pokemon Pearl. Outside of this there is only really a smaller selection that really work as part of the games story others all exist outside of the story and even outside of the games and we must wait for the events to receive a special Pokemon that I have always felt bored by just receiving and I feel that they should create a story expanding on these Pokemon. Just receiving a single Pokemon from an event does not provide that same sense of satisfaction as managing to finally capture that elusive legendary that you have chased for so long such as Latios and Latias. So providing a story of some kind through the use of DLC could really help bring satisfaction to receiving these special Pokemon, I am not concerned about extra areas though that would be really nice for bringing special means to these Pokemon. I have actually joked that for many years I thought they should bring Celebii into the main Pokemon games and they could create an interesting area for it to exist such as something called Celestial Tower where time has been completely frozen similar to parts of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers games.

Of course I have noted that there is is an issue with my ideas DLC would cause some problems in a sense of the game and could be hard to implement with the basic individual structure of everyone’s game but the ideas are there. Still it is in an option but it seems unlikely that Game Freak would ever implement these ideas even though it would help. I still think either way Game Freak should find a way to extend on the end game and even perhaps build a full story beyond the Pokemon League. But again this is where the DLC idea could work and make the games better for everyone and provide a more full and longer experience outside of playing online against others and that in itself would be well worth to improve everything. What are your thoughts on the subject let me know?


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