Games to play when you need to stay awake

There is times in life where we must keep ourselves going and keep ourselves awake for longer periods of time then we are used to. It is days like New Year’s Eve where that statement particularly rings true as keeping yourself up and awake just to see out that old year out can be a struggle. This is also true of other days in the year where you decide to keep yourself up for whatever reason. Keeping yourself awake can be quite difficult and to do this I find that this is one of the great times to pick up a game and play to see out the time.  Well here is a list of games to play that will keep you going and awake while you wait out the time.

Call of Duty (series)


Of all the games to play Call of Duty games would most likely stand as the games to play for a quick boredom buster. It provides a simple concept which is essentially shoot or be shot, but for the more adult audience this simple concept has the ability to keep them amused for hours. For something to do Call of Duty games combine a decent local multiplayer, and an excellent online feature that will make for the perfect way to kill a couple of hours. Not to mention that Call of Duty games require so much attention and thinking that they can keep you awake.

Pokemon (series)


It is nights when you are trying to keep yourself awake that your mind can wander and try to figure out what to do, but how about a proposition for Pokemon fans there are a couple of good options. To keep yourself awake how about attempting to complete that Pokedex you have been waiting to do. If that isn’t for you training your Pokemon could be, working to raise that perfect Pokemon and become stronger. But otherwise there is another option you can battle people from around the world which is sure to keep you awake and on your toes as you try to best the masters.

Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 monster

A good way to keep the mind active is to force it to think and have activities that require strategy, planning and more. For this idea I select Pikmin 3 as another great game to keep you awake. The core base of the game is based on strategy and planning in organising how you are going to go about your day. Outside of the story mode the challenge mode offers a deeper challenge which is bound to keep you focused and awake when necessary.



A great use of time and a key point of mental focus comes in the form of Minecraft. A simple enough game that relies completely on the imagination. This games concept can keep you busy as long as your imagination has something to consider and create. With that idea in mind Minecraft is sure to sure keep you awake as long as you focus on what you want to create and just go for it.

Wii Sports


Have you got friends or family you can gather around if you do then Wii Sports is certain to provide enough fun to keep you and your company amused. On your own Wii Sports may not be that great for keeping you awake but add friends and you can strive to see who is best and pass many hours by without even noticing.

Keeping yourself awake is never an easy thing to do. From personal experience I know this can be a challenge and without the proper amusement and focus it is easy to lose. Hopefully though my suggestions will keep you amused and awake when necessary.