Simon’s Milestones Wii U

If you are not aware what a milestone is then let me inform you, a milestone is an accomplishment of sorts acting as a major event, to put it in other terms a milestone is like your birthday, it is a major milestone in your life. For this blog I hope to do these whenever I hit major milestones in a game or with a console or just something really good happens that I would like to share. Today’s isn’t anything major it is a simple matter of finally hitting over one hundred hours of gameplay time with one of my games which is Call of Duty Ghosts. I bought Call of Duty Ghosts for my Wii U in March and have thoroughly enjoyed it mostly for its local multiplayer that I play with my brother in law. So there you have it the first in hopefully many milestones to come my way and plan on reporting them all in the future. Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to go play Trails Fusion on my Playstation 4.

You can expect my Call of Duty Ghosts review up in a few weeks.