Random Game Trivia 7/24/14 Mario Kart 64

In early versions of games we often find many features different from how the game turns out in the end. One such game like this is Mario Kart 64 when the game was in an early beta it was originally known as Super Mario Kart R. During this stage the game had several differences to the final product, one of the major inclusions that was wanted in the game was the split screen in a different position as horizontal and that was how the game was in early beta however this was not used in the end and had to wait until Mario Kart 8 for use in a Mario Kart game.

The character select screen was also different originally while the way the screen was set was the same the game actually positioned it for the final game the characters on it were actually different. In the place of Donkey Kong who was a racer in Super Mario Kart the character Kamek was in his place. Also the original pictures used for the characters were also changed and improved to look better as well as also removing the feather item that was planned from the game. It is interesting to see how these games changed from early on and I think the end choices probably worked out better then initially planned.


Random Game Trivia 7/23/14 Sonic character references

Sonic games are full of characters that have existed in the form of both a major and only one off appearance, many of the past characters introduced in the Sonic franchise have not even really had a place in the more recent Sonic games, the only real staples of the Sonic franchise include Sonic himself as well as Tails, Knuckles and Amy. With so many characters left unused for so long Sega did go somewhere to give many of the past characters even a slight nod.

In Sonic Unleashed many of the street levels have actually been named after characters that don’t appear in the game. More specifically the members of Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge and E-123 Omega), Silver, Blaze, Pachacamac, and the Chao. Exceptions to this include Knuckles and Cream. This at least has allowed the developers to pay homage to many of the characters used in the past even if they haven’t made an appearance in a while. I reckon future games should take this advice and make use of these extra characters, even if they only come in name, we already know that Sonic Boom really only has about four of the original characters playable but hopefully we might see more.

Random Game Trivia 7/22/14 Bioshock Infinite

One of the major drawing points within Bioshock Infinite is the design of its characters and the attachment that the game calls on the player in regards to Elizabeth. The way your own character Booker De Witt and Elizabeth communicate and push their way through the story becomes a form of motivation for the player and in a sense is part of why the game had such a strong reception. The view point for most game players actually got drawn from these characters and the ideas explored which prompted further development to the players own connection. Throughout the story you grown to care more and more about Elizabeth and that is what made the story so interesting, however the point of this was just how much of a different game Bioshock Infinite was going to be.

When Bioshock Infinite first started development the people at Irrational Games originally planned to have Elizabeth as a mute character, this mostly came down to a lack of confidence in there own ability in creating a companion character that spoke, their main concern revolved around the player getting annoyed by all the chatter or repetitive quips. However they then played with the idea of this and found having to commonly face the camera towards her so she could communicate would also annoy the player as it would visually interrupt the experience. They then had to be faced with the decision to remove the character or commit to a speaking character. During development this was very controversial around the studio.

Easy enough to say Irrational Games made the right decision in the end as it created one of the most memorable and most amazing games ever made as well as one of the best companion characters who you grow to care about as much as Ellie from the Last of Us.

Random Game Trivia 7/21/14 Dr Eggman

I have always found the idea of all the different tidbits of gaming information to be quite fascinating from the hidden pieces of coding in games, to random facts about how a game is designed, to even the very interesting parts of a games character. I think the bad guy from Sonic deserves some love and attention and I really think this is a great discussion point. Doctor Eggman has a lot you can say about him he has no problem capturing innocent aliens and hurting them so he can have an intergalactic amusement park. Eggman has no problem with throwing the world into absolute chaos as he shatters the planet into sectors so long as he gets his amusement park, he also has no problem kidnapping helpless animals to use as power for his mechanised servants.

For all the things Eggman does wrong there is definitely one thing we can’t say anything mean about him in relation to. We can never say that Eggman is rude when it comes to Women’s rights, the Sonic games never mention this topic but according to the North American manual for Sonic Heroes Eggman is described to be a feminist. This stands as an interesting point that does say t his character for all he has done wrong in his life he does have something good about him, so I say next time somebody is campaigning to ensure Woman have more rights think that Doctor Eggman is on your side. What do you think about this piece of Trivia does it make you happy to know evil isn’t all bad? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

Random Game Trivia 7/19/14 Pokemon

In many long time series there have been ideas that have been teased or even were considered and went unused until a later again, today I bring you two of these ideas that went unused until Pokémon Black and White. One of the main ideas actually references the original Pokémon games red and Blue released in 1998. During the game you encounter a guy who references a Pokémon that you are unable to find in the original game no matter how hard you try. The exact reference refers to a pink Pokémon with a floral pattern on its side, for twelve years the mystery eluded many of us as we tried to figure out what exactly the game had been referring to. In 2010 with the Japanese release of Pokémon Black and White the mystery was finally answered when the Pokémon Munna was revealed. This psychic Pokémon had the exact reference and design that was originally described in Pokémon Red and Blue and so the mystery was answered or so we think. Maybe the Pokémon referenced may be something different we still don’t know about or maybe I am just thinking far to much.

The other interesting bit of trivia I have for you today actually looks at rivals, this is only a small one but in Pokémon Black and White the idea of two rivals was introduced and has since been further elaborated on. However what makes this interesting is that this idea was actually one considered a while before Black and White but was put on hold, I am not certain why but it was never used until Black and White but it did make things more interesting. The original idea was probably one of the original ideas used in the game.

Random Game Trivia 7/18/14 Pikmin 3 and Koppai

I believe we have seen it done in many games where Nintendo and many other game companies have referenced there past or many other things or points from history in the naming of a location, this is often referred to as an easter egg and works in a similar way to some of the cat faces that have appeared in the backdrops of Nintendo’s games over the years. The interesting point that can be made in Pikmin 3 is the naming of the home planet that the games protagonist Alph, Brittany and Charlie come from. the name Koppai which is the home planet is actually an interesting reference to Nintendo’s past, when the company was founded in 1889 it was originally named Nintendo Koppai. Obviously they pulled this past reference into play as a nice name for the home planet in Pikmin 3 and because they liked the name, not to mention it sounds like a good name for an Alien planet.

Another little bit of trivia that is seen in Pikmin 3 is the naming of PNF 404. While it has ben proven that this name fits in with how NASA names unimportant planets it is also believed that this is actually a pun. 404 is an HTML error code and PNF stands for Page Not Found when you are having trouble finding a page on the internet. Which in itself is quite interesting, so there you have it to interesting bits of trivia from Pikmin 3.

Random Game Trivia 7/17/14 Game Endings

Getting the ending right in your game is as important as getting the correct beginning and on many occasions the way the game ends can ruin the game and really drag down an otherwise excellent game and with that finding the correct ending will help the player feel satisfied with a games conclusion. There have been many games over the years that have faced this issue Mass Effect 3 for one example is what I played recently and I was given a series of horrible endings that left me disappointed with any of the choices given. On a good note the way games like Bioshock and The Last of Us ended left the player satisfied because of the end result. To this day the words that ended Bioshock still ring in my head and make me happy. Often though we find that game developers don’t really strive to find a suitable ending and either pay the price for there mistake or just don’t care. Square Enix or Squaresoft as it was called back then is one company that while there more recent attempts with the Final Fantasy franchise have been met with failure they have tried to succeed in other ways. In Final Fantasy IX during the rising popularity of the franchise Square Enix actually changed the ending to the game six times obviously hoping to pull the best ending for the game possible, I have never played a Final Fantasy game let alone that one but I do hope they did succeed and there six changes led to the best possible conclusion.

Random Game Trivia 7/16/14 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

There is one Nintendo 64 game that has been declared by many gamers to be the be one of the best games ever made, this game is the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time a game that has been played to death by so many people that even to this day it is hard to belief that all the games secrets have not been revealed. Just the other day in fact a new glitch was discovered in the game involving the Bow. Either way there have been so many speed runs done through the game and so many glitches discovered about this single game that have enabled players to get an around areas so much easier then previously possible. The interesting fact about Ocarina of Time relates to the recent remake of the 1998 game on the 3DS, Ocarina of Time 3D has reportedly got almost all of the same bugs as the original game so in that case many of the same glitches should be within the game or perhaps other ones that yet to be discovered in the new version.

Why did they not choose to remove the bugs from the game when they remade might be the question you could be asking. Well this came down to a simple matter of design preference and the developers wanting the remake to have the same feel as the original 1998 game obviously for old fans and new players alike.

Off topic to the fact but I personally have never been a major fan of Ocarina of Time thinking it was just an overrated game and broken in many ways. When I did a review that never came here but is living in a folder in my home I remember scoring the original game a 7 and the remake a 7.5. But of course I accept my opinion is different from others and they love the game where I don’t even if I am a Zelda fan.