Call of Duty Advanced Warfare review

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is brought to us from Sledgehammer games for their first entry in the three year cycle of the Call of Duty franchise. With the newest entry Sledgehammer games have gone out of their way to deliver an interesting first run for their time with the franchise and has honestly left me to beg the question where should you start with the game. Taking us away from the traditional spiral of boring campaigns and empty promises Sledgehammer games steps out for their time in the sun with great pride and an amazing accomplishment.

Usually Call of Duty games draw a fine line between the two key components they offer, often this comes down as an average single player campaign to play then often the usually great fun multiplayer. It is rare that the single player campaign presented in this franchise does anything more then be a small distraction you play simply because it is part of the game. I am proud to say though that the single player campaign is honestly well worth your time.

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Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag review

Yo Ho a pirates life for me

Assassins Creed 4 left a lot to be expected after playing through Assassins Creed 3. The previous game really was the black sheep of the entire franchise, suffering from so many issues and just overall not being much fun. It is not just me that thinks that, many a fan of the Assassins Creed franchise agree that 3 was not as good as it could have been, and that Black Flag had to be the game that redeems the franchise. While I will say that Black Flag has many issues of its own it does redeem the franchise and turns out to be a good new entry.

The first matter of business in this respect, was ensuring the main character wasn’t as boring as Haytham or Conner. The person you play as, is often very important in whether you will enjoy a game or not, that was half of Assassins Creed 3’s problem, it had pretty boring characters, for Assassins Creed 4 we see an entirely different character to what we have seen before. Edward Kenway is not out to do things for honour or even revenge, all Edward wants is money, and throughout the entire length of the story he often goes on about money and the right price, but still this doesn’t make him a bad character his dedication to the pirates and his ambitions are what help to drive the game.

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Toy Box Starter Pack announced for Disney Infinity 2.0

Disney Infinity 2.0 is set to be big we already know that with some of the worlds biggest characters stepping out into figurines ready to jump into a videogame that might actually be fun. When Disney Infinity launched last year I believe it was the toybox mode that stood out above all else that people wanted to get their hands on and make their own own world instead of the more scripted playsets. Disney Interactive has now announced that Disney Infinity 2.0 toy box adventure pack is coming and is set for release this November. Even though the game won’t include any of the games playsets this version of the game will still remain 100% compatible with all of the 2.0 playsets.

By purchasing the Toy Box Starter Pack, consumers can experience the most popular mode of Disney Infinity, unlock Disney-themed content, and buy additional figures and Play Sets separately.

The Disney Infinity: Toy Box Starter Pack will include the following:

  • The Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) video game – The Disney Infinity: Toy Box Starter Pack and Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack both include the same video game disc
  • Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) base
  • (2) Disney Originals Figures (Merida and Stitch)
  • (2) Disney Originals “Toy Box Game Discs” – Stitch’s Tropical Rescue and Brave Forest Siege
  • (1) Web code card
  • (1) poster

Disney Infinity: Toy Box Starter Pack (2.0 Edition) will be available on November 4 for $59.99.

Source: Disney Interactive PR

Watch Dogs Review

Platform: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Score: 8

When games are highly publicized or even a follow up entry to a major franchise they bring with them a lot of expectations, due to these expectations we come to often expect a certain level of quality and enjoyment particularly if we look at the history of the developers. With this example we must look at Watch Dogs for the past two years at least Watch Dogs has been on a little thing called the hype train where the developers and gaming community talk the game up and in the end often result in unrealistic expectations, the way Watch Dogs was spoken of by Ubisoft it was set to be a perfect game that should have scored perfect 10’s all around of course this is not the case and Watch Dogs has resulted in actually being not as good as possibly intended. The reason this is a problem in a sense is just how well Ubisoft has done with other games of a similar style to Watch Dogs such as the Assassins Creed franchise and unfortunately it seems Ubisoft’s flare is not as great as it could have been in this game.

One of the key things that Ubisoft has done in the past is develop fun and interesting stories for their games that the player can follow with quite a lot of enjoyment. The big red flag immediately is present from the very beginning of Watch Dogs story, essentially trying to play on an idea that a wrong can be amended by another wrong which essentially leads us to the plotline of Watch Dogs where you as supposed protagonist Aiden Pierce are performing a further wrong to deal with the second wrong. The plotline never gets very deep and while at the start it is somewhat easy to follow the events presented within the game leave the story of Watch Dogs with very little appeal. But to at least give an idea of what is going on, after messing up at a job trying to steal money from people Aiden is attacked by a gun for hire who kills his niece. One year later you are on a revenge streak to find the people who killed her using your selected skills of hacking and the story just becomes much more convoluted and tricky from there.


The story really falls short and does not provide a reason to stick with the game but at least at this point the gameplay jumps in and really gives you a reason to keep playing. Watch Dogs follows the standard tradition of Ubisoft franchises dropping us in a big and enjoyable wide Open World for you to explore, the city of Chicago is evolved into a futuristic area that is ripe for exploration and plays primarily into the incredible gameplay. Although the world of Watch Dogs primarily is set a few years in the past it still seems so futuristic and the abilities play into a future that seems not to far away in this modern era. As phones and other technologies are built up and more of our identity is transferred across the internet this is primarily where Watch Dogs comes in, the city of Chicago is essentially a playground of technology and the identity’s of people that plays into how the world is changing, and in a way this is what Watch Dogs does it carries over a view into where the future is going and the capabilities that a selected group of people could have on the world.

Ordinarily I would not find it interesting to know who people are particularly in a game that these characters are meaningless but in the case of Watch Dogs this is one of the best parts about the game. Watch Dogs plays into the idea of a connected world and this constantly evidenced with every person I met along my way, seeing the profile of every person specifying who they are there age and even a key little factoid good or bad about them was quite interesting . This also them played into some of my decisions on how I obtained money from, through the game there are several opportunities to obtain money from a selection of people around the city by hacking their bank account and often to make the decision of whether or not I got money from them. If they had high ambitions and had good intentions I would leave them alone, however if they were known drug enthusiasts or any other bad  sort of thing I never saw the harm in ripping money away from these bad people. Likewise due to these people you can also receive new cars to drive and also new music to listen to based on what some of these people like making the city feel even more real with every person you come across.


The city of Chicago is a playground under your control, you have the power to control the balance of activities within the city and actively mess with the world as a whole, essentially saying Chicago is your world and you have the power to control. The world is certainly changing and Watch Dogs paints a picture showing how the world is going to be and the control technology has over events, from the changing of a set of traffic lights to the power to open a garage door the power to control this world is what makes things interesting and carries you through the game. For me personally the idea of controlling the world is really the draws in point to Watch Dogs and freely making choices and causing mayhem in the world is highly satisfying. Racing through Chicago the world is literally littered with things that can be hacked to cause mayhem and somewhat enjoyment, it is often that I would find myself standing on a street corner setting off traffic lights just to see cars crash into each other for amusement, likewise I would also enjoy hacking bridges to mess with cars.

Throughout the story of Watch Dogs there are countless uses and opportunities for the hacking ability and often through the story hacking traffic lights and unlocking barricades are key parts of stopping enemies in chase sequences whether you are the chase or the chasee. Hacking also comes as a key part of combat and escaping enemies, there are often situations surrounding combat that allow you to take out enemies such as often sitting in the shadows you can find places to hack in order to cause explosions or even distract enemies in order to get past them. The same tricks are often carried over to missions that require you to go undetected and ensuring you make use of these different abilities and places in the environment becomes key to survival, this is mostly because you can’t take many shots before dying. Often because of this weakness it means the cover system while good does not always allow gun play to be a good option unless you know how to quickly line up a shot, in a sense this is where the hacking ability forces you to get creative and use the environment and the people to your advantage.


As you go through the game you slowly unlock skill points and these can be used to further your own skills and make use of the pretty cool skill tree, it is only small but the skill tree has four different branches with a small selection of different abilities that can be unlocked. The points of the skill tree include the evolution of the hacking abilities, driving skills, weapon crafting and combat, I enjoyed further extending my hacking abilities with the skill tree allowing me to break into cars without alerting the police as well as allowing a small selection of other abilities to be used in order to make better use of my control in the city and better complete missions.

Extending on the game is the many side missions that fill Chicago, all throughout the city are little investigation missions, criminal convoys, gang hideouts and plenty more. These missions actually extend interest into the game and keep a reason to explore the city from beginning to long after the game is finished, these also keep things going even through the less than satisfying story.


While I have argued that the story of Watch Dogs remains less then satisfying throughout, the basic gameplay does at least keep things interesting throughout. Ubisoft’s usual flair for storytelling one of the few reasons why I liked Assassins Creed 3 fails to ever be present in Watch Dogs and while is an issue the brilliant ideas in the game help keep things fun and entertaining, as well as this Ubisoft’s history of great game mechanics are seen and enjoyable in the game. On a side note I find the language, nudity and other themes unjustified in the game and pointless and I don’t understand why they had the insistence to include these in the game as they do feel irrelevant.


Donald Duck is coming to Disney Infinity 2.0

I am sure many of us were probably wondering when Disney would choose to release a good portion of their classic character lineup, and by this I don’t mean things like the Disney interpretation of Snow White I refer to the classic lineup of characters from the classic cartoons. Disney’s major starter Mickey Mouse has already had his time to shine in a sense but what about other characters, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Pete, Pluto and several others. Well I can at at least confirm that Donald Duck is going to appear in Disney Infinity as Disney Interactive announced today that Donald Duck is coming to Disney Infinity 2.0.

Though you should not expect a play set of any kind as Donald Duck is coming as a toybox exclusive and will have the ability to tos objects and sweep up enemies with his broom.

A new Donald Duck themed Power Disc will also be available for players to use in the Toy Box mode to customize and enhance the experience. Players will be able to use the “All for One” Power Disc to change their Donald character into a Three Musketeers costume.

Hopefully this is the start and we see more of Disney’s original characters appear in Disney infinity in the future as well as other parts of Disney’s Library of characters, we just have to wait and see for more and here is Donald’s trailer:

Even more Assassins Creed Rogue details

Following game reveals we often find a big selection of information is revealed about the game in order to gain interest in the game and build peoples wanting or knowledge for what is instore. Most particularly this happens with major games and franchises and Assassins Creed Rogue is no different with even more details about the upcoming game being revealed to us again. As such I have compiled all the information for you to read below:
◾Been in development since 2010. After Brotherhood a team broke off and started on Unity.
◾Skill leveling is in, and you can choose to drop points in stealth, combat, or navigation. You could potentially make a tank who is awesome at fighting, or a better stealth player.
◾You can now customize your legs, boots, forearms, chest, hood, and mask. And the armor/clothing has attributes like a hood that makes you blend faster in crowds and a belt that allows you to hold more items.
◾Co-op missions can be done solo as well and have multiple difficulties. You can also explore the whole world in co-op
◾They realized that with the multiplayer in the last games they were essentially making two separate games, and they didn’t want to do that. They noted that people buy the game for the campaign and the added-on multiplayer wasn’t the same experience, so they went back to the drawing board to get co-op in.
◾They are using a similar technique as Watch Dogs for co-op, in your game you are always Arno, and everyone else looks like other brotherhood members, but in their game they are Arno and you look like a brotherhood member (like how you are always Aiden in Watch Dogs).
◾NO MORE AUTO-FAIL MISSIONS! The missions now adapt to what happens when you play and don’t follow any script. There will be changes and consequences for how you handle missions, but no longer will you get desynchronized for being spotted.
◾You use the new rapid descend ability from buildings by hitting RT + B. Haystacks still exist, but they found you don’t use them near as often now.
◾The interiors really open up the game. You can run into a building to hide from guards, but there may be guards inside too. You can also use interiors for assassinations, hiding in windows, etc.
◾You really notice the new 1:1 scale for buildings, and the amount of buildings on the streets seems higher than any of the other games.
◾Stealth mode softens your footsteps, but you still move rapidly. Great for sneaking up on guards.
◾New cover system makes hiding easier and you can now peek.
◾Guards no longer automatically know where you are at all times once alerted, they will now search your last known location which makes it easier to get away and even flank them.
◾Combat is now harder. You may be able to beat 2-3 guys but 5 is too many. You have to pay attention to what weapons enemies have now. “For the first time, we have boss fights that are about parrying at the right time, making sure you dodge, and not spamming the attack button.”
◾The NPC groups now react to each other. Thugs may attack you on sight, but guards/police won’t unless provoked. Police may go after thugs, which means you can lure thugs to police and watch the police go after them.
◾They are starting a “new cycle” with the present day stuff. “You are the protagonist ultimately.” You will understand in the first 20 minutes of the game where they are going with it. It’s “cool” and “very, very surprising.”
◾There can be up to 30,000 people in a crowd.

Disney Infinity boosts Disney Interactives profits

With the popularity of toys into games rising it is no wonder that this idea is making money for developers and helping them to possess further earnings then they would previously. The idea of these figures promotes heavy sales for these companies because of how cool they are and how much people want them for the games to improve their experience. Last year Disney Infinity was released from Disney Interactive and prior to the games release for the previous year Disney interactive was facing a $58 Million loss however it seems since Disney Infinity launched Disney Interactive has seen a turnaround of $29 Million in profit.

The ideas presented by all the different characters and the brilliant game as well are what helped Disney Interactive, I mean who doesn’t want to have their own Mater or Jack Skellington or even Mickey Mouse.

The boost in sales hasn’t just been attributed to Disney Infinity, free to play Mobile games such as Disney Tsum Tsum and Frozen Free Fall also proved successful.

Source: Shacknews

Take Two explains the reason for Evolve’s delay

We have just found out that Evolve one of the year’s most highly anticipated games of the year has been delayed by Take Two but the only explanation we have been given in regards to this delay was it was in regards to financial results, however even if this was the case Take Two has delivered a statement to explain why they decided to delay Evolve in the first place. Take Two’s Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick has given s the following reason during an analyst call:

“We decided the title deserves more time to be polished to reach an optimal state. Historically, we have always benefited from letting the creative teams have more time. We are very excited about this title. It felt like the right thing. I am glad we have Evolve coming in February for any number of reasons.”

This is certainly one of the best reasons to delay a game and hopefully this delay will make Evolve into an incredible game but only time will tell if it turns out well.

Unless another delay happens you will be playing Evolve in February of 2015.

Source: Take Two PR

Further details for Assassins Creed Rogue

Following the reveal of Assassins Creed Rogue by Ubisoft a fair portion of details about the game have been revealed by Game Informer, the information surrounds story, naval combat and plenty more the details have been collected below for you to read over:

-The game is set between 1752-1761
-The game represents the end the Kenway trilogy and will show the near eradication of the colonial assassins. It also ties into Unity in the final moments of the game.
-Haytham Kenway confirmed to make an appearance and play a role in the story
-You play as an assassin turned assassin hunter named Shay Patrick Cormac
-Shay starts out as a brash young assassin who doesn’t take his job series, not because he doesn’t believe the cause, but because he isn’t wise
-You will be an assassin until a pivotal moment in the game causes Shay to turn sides. According to gameinformer it happens around 1754
-The game takes place during the seven years war

Naval Gameplay
-Your ship is named Morrigan
1.It’s smaller than the Jackdaw for better navigation in smaller spaces and to help avoid glaciers.
-Thanks to Templar pockets Morrigan has access to experimental weapons, such as the puckle guns, prototype machine guns that can tear enemy ships up in seconds
-Shay’s crew can drop and ignite a trail of burning oil. Which can prevent ships from pursuing the player
1.Icebergs can damage the player’s ship
2.Icebergs can be used as cover from enemy fire.
3.Icebergs can be destroyed, which will create ripple waves that disrupt enemy ships
-Assassins can now board your ship instead of the other way around after their defeat you can choose what to do with their ship and crew like in Black Flag
-The “Kenways Fleet” and trade route missions make a welcome return
-With upgrades the player can go through ice sheets to access caves and other hidden areas

General Gameplay Changes and Additions
-Eagle vision is now enhanced, a compass ring will now appear around the player, objectives will be marked, and the ring will turn red to indicate serious threats
-Shay is equipped with an experimental air rifle
1.It can silently shoot out firecrackers, which can be used to distract enemies
2.It’s also equipped with a grenade launcher which can shoot out lethal shrapnel grenades, sleeping gas, or berserker gas
-The player will hear whispers when assassins are nearby
-Assassins can air assassinate the player, hide in bushes, and use cover and will hunt the player during the game
-New York has been redesigned to allow for faster and more interesting navigation
-Shay can use new obstacles in the environment to his advantage
1.Barrels carrying lethal poison gas can be punctured with the air rifle to spread a cloud of poison gas into large areas
-Shay can equip a bandana to avoid taking damage from poison gas

-Narwhals can be hunted while at sea
-Polar bears are also confirmed

-The Appalachian River Valley
-A redesigned New York
-The arctic North Atlantic Ocean

Confirmed Side Missions
-Assassin Interception: the player can go to the assassin’s iconic pigeon coops to read assassination contracts, by reading these, he can prevent the assassination of his allies by stopping the would be killer
-Templar Control: the player can take over districts like an assassin would, the difference being that he is both improving and worsening the lives of civilians instead of liberating them

General Info
-Assassin’s Creed Rogue will release on Nov.11 for 360/ps3
-It is Singleplayer only
-This is the end of the loose Kenway Trilogy, expect major characters from AC4 and AC3 to make an appearance
-This game is being developed mainly by Ubisoft Sofia, the main team behind Assassin’s Creed Liberation.

Shay in his assassin outfit and his templar outfit

Capcom has announced Resident Evil remake

The original Resident Evil had so much love for it even if it was annoyingly slow but of course that added to the fear and tension of the game and improved it, the game was that good that Capcom even did a remake for the game that was probably the best version of the game which was on the Gamecube. Now Capcom has announced a remake for the Remake with them using the Gamecube version of the original Resident Evil to create an advanced version of the classic Survival Horror game simply titled Resident Evil. The game has been announced for release on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC with the Wii U being once again ignored. Capcom has also provided a statement about the game  telling us what is new about this remake and you can find that below:

Using the latest resolution enhancement and 3D model technology, game resolutions and textures have been significantly upgraded, including 1080p support on next-gen consoles, resulting in characters and backgrounds coming to life in greater detail than ever seen before in Resident Evil. Not only will the graphics impress but the tense sound effects have been fully remastered with 5.1 surround support for a greater gaming atmosphere. Players are now able to choose not only between experiencing the terror at the classic 4:3 ratio or a stunning 16:9 widescreen mode but also the type of control scheme they play with. The classic control scheme remains for fans of the original play style or there’s an alternative scheme where the character moves directly in the direction of the analogue stick, utilizing the standards of the current generation of gaming. Both the control scheme and the display options can be toggled between at any time during gameplay.

Personally they have already lost a sale from me by ignoring the Wii U and I find that really sad because ZombiU proved how amazing Survival Horror games are on the platform.