Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag review

Yo Ho a pirates life for me

Assassins Creed 4 left a lot to be expected after playing through Assassins Creed 3. The previous game really was the black sheep of the entire franchise, suffering from so many issues and just overall not being much fun. It is not just me that thinks that, many a fan of the Assassins Creed franchise agree that 3 was not as good as it could have been, and that Black Flag had to be the game that redeems the franchise. While I will say that Black Flag has many issues of its own it does redeem the franchise and turns out to be a good new entry.

The first matter of business in this respect, was ensuring the main character wasn’t as boring as Haytham or Conner. The person you play as, is often very important in whether you will enjoy a game or not, that was half of Assassins Creed 3’s problem, it had pretty boring characters, for Assassins Creed 4 we see an entirely different character to what we have seen before. Edward Kenway is not out to do things for honour or even revenge, all Edward wants is money, and throughout the entire length of the story he often goes on about money and the right price, but still this doesn’t make him a bad character his dedication to the pirates and his ambitions are what help to drive the game.

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Ubisoft says Nintendo players don’t buy Assassins Creed games

Prior to the Wii U my interest in the Assassins Creed franchise was basically nonexistent, I found them boring and not of interest. However when I finally played Assassins Creed 4 earlier this year on my Wii U, I was in heaven the game was a perfect fit for the Wii U providing a map on my screen and a mostly great game. Following this I was hoping for the next Assassins Creed game to hit the Wii U but as it seems my hopes are broken and basically are never going to be repaired with Ubisoft now telling us that Assassins Creed is not coming to the Wii U at all because Nintendo players have no interest. This is basically why we won’t be seeing either of this years releases.

While speaking with Game Informer at Gamescom last week, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot explained:

“It’s very simple. What we see is that Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed. Last year, we sold in very small numbers.”

Guillemot also spoke about Ubisoft’s shift in focus on Wii U:

“What we see is that they are very interested in Just Dance, very interested by other kinds of games. So what we are trying to do is to focus more on the types of games they are interested in.”

And what of Watch Dogs, which has long been planned for Nintendo’s console? Fortunately, Guillemot once again confirmed that it’s still in the pipeline:

“[Watch Dogs] is coming to Wii U. It will be the only mature game we publish on it.”

It really is a shame that Ubisoft has no intention for Assassins Creed on the Wii U, I bought both games and played them and similar to my thoughts on Call of Duty I believe Assassins Creed has its best place on the Wii U and by not giving Nintendo players Assassins Creed Ubisoft are once again isolating Nintendo fans with the franchise. Maybe part of the problem is that Nintendo players have never had a reason to buy Assassins Creed and some only want to play on a certain platform. My recommendation for Ubisoft is that they maybe make an exclusive Assassins Creed to fully test the waters and if it fails then sure take it away from us. So Nintendo it is up to you maybe you need to talk to Ubisoft and organize an exclusive or even another Assassins Creed.

Even more Assassins Creed Rogue details

Following game reveals we often find a big selection of information is revealed about the game in order to gain interest in the game and build peoples wanting or knowledge for what is instore. Most particularly this happens with major games and franchises and Assassins Creed Rogue is no different with even more details about the upcoming game being revealed to us again. As such I have compiled all the information for you to read below:
◾Been in development since 2010. After Brotherhood a team broke off and started on Unity.
◾Skill leveling is in, and you can choose to drop points in stealth, combat, or navigation. You could potentially make a tank who is awesome at fighting, or a better stealth player.
◾You can now customize your legs, boots, forearms, chest, hood, and mask. And the armor/clothing has attributes like a hood that makes you blend faster in crowds and a belt that allows you to hold more items.
◾Co-op missions can be done solo as well and have multiple difficulties. You can also explore the whole world in co-op
◾They realized that with the multiplayer in the last games they were essentially making two separate games, and they didn’t want to do that. They noted that people buy the game for the campaign and the added-on multiplayer wasn’t the same experience, so they went back to the drawing board to get co-op in.
◾They are using a similar technique as Watch Dogs for co-op, in your game you are always Arno, and everyone else looks like other brotherhood members, but in their game they are Arno and you look like a brotherhood member (like how you are always Aiden in Watch Dogs).
◾NO MORE AUTO-FAIL MISSIONS! The missions now adapt to what happens when you play and don’t follow any script. There will be changes and consequences for how you handle missions, but no longer will you get desynchronized for being spotted.
◾You use the new rapid descend ability from buildings by hitting RT + B. Haystacks still exist, but they found you don’t use them near as often now.
◾The interiors really open up the game. You can run into a building to hide from guards, but there may be guards inside too. You can also use interiors for assassinations, hiding in windows, etc.
◾You really notice the new 1:1 scale for buildings, and the amount of buildings on the streets seems higher than any of the other games.
◾Stealth mode softens your footsteps, but you still move rapidly. Great for sneaking up on guards.
◾New cover system makes hiding easier and you can now peek.
◾Guards no longer automatically know where you are at all times once alerted, they will now search your last known location which makes it easier to get away and even flank them.
◾Combat is now harder. You may be able to beat 2-3 guys but 5 is too many. You have to pay attention to what weapons enemies have now. “For the first time, we have boss fights that are about parrying at the right time, making sure you dodge, and not spamming the attack button.”
◾The NPC groups now react to each other. Thugs may attack you on sight, but guards/police won’t unless provoked. Police may go after thugs, which means you can lure thugs to police and watch the police go after them.
◾They are starting a “new cycle” with the present day stuff. “You are the protagonist ultimately.” You will understand in the first 20 minutes of the game where they are going with it. It’s “cool” and “very, very surprising.”
◾There can be up to 30,000 people in a crowd.

Further details for Assassins Creed Rogue

Following the reveal of Assassins Creed Rogue by Ubisoft a fair portion of details about the game have been revealed by Game Informer, the information surrounds story, naval combat and plenty more the details have been collected below for you to read over:

-The game is set between 1752-1761
-The game represents the end the Kenway trilogy and will show the near eradication of the colonial assassins. It also ties into Unity in the final moments of the game.
-Haytham Kenway confirmed to make an appearance and play a role in the story
-You play as an assassin turned assassin hunter named Shay Patrick Cormac
-Shay starts out as a brash young assassin who doesn’t take his job series, not because he doesn’t believe the cause, but because he isn’t wise
-You will be an assassin until a pivotal moment in the game causes Shay to turn sides. According to gameinformer it happens around 1754
-The game takes place during the seven years war

Naval Gameplay
-Your ship is named Morrigan
1.It’s smaller than the Jackdaw for better navigation in smaller spaces and to help avoid glaciers.
-Thanks to Templar pockets Morrigan has access to experimental weapons, such as the puckle guns, prototype machine guns that can tear enemy ships up in seconds
-Shay’s crew can drop and ignite a trail of burning oil. Which can prevent ships from pursuing the player
1.Icebergs can damage the player’s ship
2.Icebergs can be used as cover from enemy fire.
3.Icebergs can be destroyed, which will create ripple waves that disrupt enemy ships
-Assassins can now board your ship instead of the other way around after their defeat you can choose what to do with their ship and crew like in Black Flag
-The “Kenways Fleet” and trade route missions make a welcome return
-With upgrades the player can go through ice sheets to access caves and other hidden areas

General Gameplay Changes and Additions
-Eagle vision is now enhanced, a compass ring will now appear around the player, objectives will be marked, and the ring will turn red to indicate serious threats
-Shay is equipped with an experimental air rifle
1.It can silently shoot out firecrackers, which can be used to distract enemies
2.It’s also equipped with a grenade launcher which can shoot out lethal shrapnel grenades, sleeping gas, or berserker gas
-The player will hear whispers when assassins are nearby
-Assassins can air assassinate the player, hide in bushes, and use cover and will hunt the player during the game
-New York has been redesigned to allow for faster and more interesting navigation
-Shay can use new obstacles in the environment to his advantage
1.Barrels carrying lethal poison gas can be punctured with the air rifle to spread a cloud of poison gas into large areas
-Shay can equip a bandana to avoid taking damage from poison gas

-Narwhals can be hunted while at sea
-Polar bears are also confirmed

-The Appalachian River Valley
-A redesigned New York
-The arctic North Atlantic Ocean

Confirmed Side Missions
-Assassin Interception: the player can go to the assassin’s iconic pigeon coops to read assassination contracts, by reading these, he can prevent the assassination of his allies by stopping the would be killer
-Templar Control: the player can take over districts like an assassin would, the difference being that he is both improving and worsening the lives of civilians instead of liberating them

General Info
-Assassin’s Creed Rogue will release on Nov.11 for 360/ps3
-It is Singleplayer only
-This is the end of the loose Kenway Trilogy, expect major characters from AC4 and AC3 to make an appearance
-This game is being developed mainly by Ubisoft Sofia, the main team behind Assassin’s Creed Liberation.

Shay in his assassin outfit and his templar outfit