Sledgehammer Games confirms Advanced Warfare not coming to Wii U

After month of will they, won’t they the fate of a Wii U version of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has been confirmed and might I just say I am not happy with the end result. Sledgehammer games co-founder Micheal Condrey has officially made confirmation that no Wii U version will be made of this entry. This was all said in a quick statement:

no, no WiiU. That was an Activision decision. We are focused on XboxOne, PS4, and PC.

So there we have it the fate has been decided and Wii U players are left disappointed that Activision is showing it’s true colours and not even providing the best console platform for Call of Duty the latest Call of Duty game.I am now annoyed as I have said quite nicely in the past the Wii U provides the best experience for a Call of Duty game and this abandonment might just lose some of the new players who started on the Wii U.

However all hope may not be lost, if another studio can step in and make a Wii U port then we will be in luck, however this close to release the chances are unlikely and now we may as well go into a corner wrap ourselves up and cry like the banana fairy in Donkey Kong 64.


Die Rise map could be coming to Wii U version of Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Yesterday’s release of the Nuketown 2025 map in the Wii U version of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was certainly a surprise and one I don’t believe any of us would have expected this map or any map to be released for the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 considering that the game was released initially 2 years ago. Considering that nothing had been released prior would you think anything would have come to the game at all, not really. Then considering Ghosts only got one extra map on the Wii U do you think we could hope for anything else, that I would normally doubt but considering something that IGN found.

IGN spotted the Die Rise in Black Ops II’s menus, though it hasn’t actually been added just yet. We’ll have to wait and see if it ends up being accessible.

Again I am forced to speculate about Call of Duty games on the Wii U and what exactly is going on with Activision and this random release yesterday and this possible release. Could this be Activision and Treyarch delivering a much better experience to the Wii U version of Call of Duty? Could this be how they are going to get away with not giving us Advanced Warfare on the Wii U? To be honest if Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Ghosts just receive all the maps for multiplayer I believe us Wii U owners will be happy to at least get a more complete set of Call of Duty games instead of the new one. Still I speak for myself in thinking about this I still hope that Advanced Warfare will appear on the Wii U, but also maybe Activision is learning and trying to made a better experience for Wii U owners to promote more sales. Heres hoping we see more maps appear on the games and that this other possible map is actually going to happen.

Source: IGN

Call of Duty Blacks Ops 2 update on the Wii U finally brings Nuketown Map

I was surprised when I turned on my Wii U a few hours ago, I popped in a game ready to play and for some odd reason checked my Download Management menu, I was surprised when I saw an update coming through for Call of Duty Black Ops 2, when I finally saw this update finished I immediately wanted to know what it was about and proceeded to get my copy of Black Ops 2 and find out what was going on. I was shocked when I discovered that a new map had been added to Black Ops 2 more importantly that it was Nuketown 2025 a map previously available for the other versions of the game.
What makes this more interesting is that Black Ops 2 was released almost 2 years ago and they have finally popped this map in the Wii U version of the game, could this perhaps be a sign that they are trying to do more with Call of Duty on the Wii U and make the versions more even, I really hope so. It was good to see this map in the game and finally makes Black Ops 2 seem like a far better game on the Wii U. I hope that they do similar updates on Ghosts with additional maps in the future.

Call of Duty is better on Wii U then all other platforms

I know what you are probably thinking, am I out of my mind? How on earth could I possibly think the Wii U versions of Call of Duty games are the best? I am also certain there would be a few unsavoury words thrown around that I probably just don’t want to hear in the slightest. But trust me I have my reasons to suggest why Call of Duty games have never been better then on the Wii U. Sure they have their worse features such as a lack of extra maps like all the other versions get but that is really a small thing and a small price to pay for the ultimate versions of the game.

First before I state my case I must take you on a trip back to the N64, no it is not for Nostalgia it is to make a point about why these games have found the best possible place on the Wii U. Shall we take a trip back to the days of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 which is what I shall say is one of the original multiplayer third person shooters. Goldeneye is the game that showed us the potential of shooters as a multiplayer affair, the main problem that existed in the game was that we couldn’t hide where we were in the game as the other person or player could see us on the screen. Of course people did find funny ways to deal with this issue including holding a blanket down the center of the television set but that was just frustrating. Still this little issue never stopped us having fun and people still camped the body armour and I somehow still managed to set up sensor bomb’s at doorways and catch my prey. Still it caused problems for some and did slightly ruin that enjoyment of seeking my prey and finding them without accidentally seeing my opponents screen, but it is only slightly Goldeneye still remains one of the best first person shooters ever made and the best multiplayer shooter.

Goldeneye multiplayer

The same issue that plagued Goldeneye has caused issues in several more shooters and many other games over the years, but more importantly it is the shooters that this is mainly about. Being able to see the other players screen ruins a sense of mystery and the fun of the search in finding out where the other player is hiding and trying to win the struggle against your opponent. Of course this split screen play hasn’t always been an issue for many players of the games, as many of us have been able to shut out the other players side of the screen but games still get frustrating with their smaller screen sizes and the annoying side of still seeing the opponents running around out the corner of your eye.

This frustration has actually limited as time has gone by particularly as the ability of consoles capabilities have allowed us to be able to play against people all the way around the world without ever even leaving the seat of our couch. This ability has made it so we can play on a full screen and still receive the same thrill as we would playing against someone in the same room. For the most part our ability to communicate is accessible via headsets and still we can talk and plan with our fellow players on these games but while that sounds all well and good what about those who can’t afford a headset? We can’t fully immerse ourselves in the game and we may as well be playing alone even if we are aware these are real people.

Either way nothing beats playing a game with other people and having them join you on the couch or just in general to play the game. Being able to joke around with these people, laugh and just all around enjoy your time with someone you actually know, but again the same problem persists of having to share a screen and this is where I finally get back to my point and explain why I think the Wii U makes Call of Duty better and more importantly why Call of Duty has never been better then on the Wii U.

I return to my point of having to share a screen and how annoying that can be, and that is exactly the point that must be made aware of in why the Wii U is best for the game. What the game offers on the Wii U platform is a sense of mystery and in a way a level of enjoyment that is unimaginable on other platform after spending extensive amounts of time on other platforms checking out the way shooters are played in multiplayer I can say without a doubt that the Wii U offers the best way to play. If you have only two people playing there is a bonus of using the Wii U’s Gamepad and the television, one person can easily play on the TV and have a full screen to immerse themselves in meanwhile while the Gamepad screen may be smaller this gives the other player their own screen to play on.


With this idea it actually creates a series of new ways to play and makes the game more enjoyable for everyone, of course the benefits presented for two players doesn’t exist for three or more as the main screen still has to be shared but the benefits far outway the negatives. The ability of only having two people playing offer new ways to play and are more enjoyable, playing against another person is actually a hunt and presents a challenge to make taking out the other player far more satisfying not knowing where they could be hiding. The idea of the gamepad also adds new gameplay possibilities with a fun but simple game of hide and seek which allows one player to hide and the other to seek them out and it is completely fun and offers enjoyment that can’t be found on any other version of Black Ops 2 or Ghosts.

It is for this reason that I state that Call of Duty is best on the Wii U and for that matter shooters themselves would be quite well benefitted by using this same approach in the future and creating a far better game than what can be made on other platforms. I have never found that same sense of enjoyment on online matches as I do facing down someone I know and being able to laugh and discuss with the person sitting next to you, not to mention the air of mystery and enjoying the game itself is just easier with the Wii U version and even if you have more then two people to play the game taking turns would be far more satisfying then anything else. Call of Duty is at its best on the Wii U and call me crazy but it is easy to see just for the way the game can be played and for the fun that awaits.



Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review

Platform: Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Developer: Treyarch/ Infinity Ward

Publisher: Activision

Year: 2012

Score: 7.5

This review is based on the Wii U version of the game. Any information presented all relates to this version of the game however most of the points mentioned do relate to other versions of the game. If you are not interested in the Wii U version this game is also available for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360, also online will most likely have more players as there is a bigger install base on the other platforms.

For a yearly franchise, Call of Duty games have never been big on Nintendo’s consoles and as such the Wii never received anything more than an underrated port of what the other consoles got. However with this latest instalment it is nice to see that Nintendo fans finally get a proper Call of Duty game with the Wii U’s experience.


There is a problem that has plagued Call of Duty games for quite some time, namely the single player campaign. The campaigns have often been unappealing to play through but it seems Treyarch has put forward an attempt to make them more interesting.

The campaign remains with a simple premise: it is the year 2025 and a big terrorist leader is planning world domination. Seeing this issue, Navy seals agent David Mason and his team set out to take him out before he can claim total domination. On the other side of the scale Alex Mason and his team set out to do the same years before.


The campaign is a jumble of story events set between two different time periods. Often these stories are confusing and lead the player on a journey that will leave them wondering what is going on due to the constant insistence on time jumping. This campaign remains as unappealing as before but this is where the developers have done something right. It is a small thing but it makes thing more interesting.

The campaign often relies on the merits of personal choice and preference. Often choices end up determining whether you are a cold blooded killer or an agent of peace but that is a nice way to say it. The idea of choices is not seen very often during the campaign but the little decisions made at times do help to make the campaign somewhat interesting. Choices even come down to whether the villain Menendez gets to kill or fatally wound a certain character.




This has added a new layer of replayability that hasn’t been seen before in other entries in the series. Because of this choice it became interesting to go through again and see how a different line of decisions impacted the story. There aren’t many choices but it does mean you can vary the experience by play and have a different experience to your friends.

The only problems that exist with this idea is to see a different ending you must replay the entire campaign in order to make changes effective. Also the story in the campaign is not that exciting, so playing through the campaign again fully does not always remain enjoyable in parts but to play through again for different endings is somewhat worth it.

During the campaign the developers have also added the new strikeforce missions. These missions are strategy based and require completing a specific objective by strategically managing units in order to defeat incoming enemies on the multiplayer maps. These missions never really added anything to the campaign and while there were very few of these missions they never were interesting to play. However you can avoid all but one of these as they are not mandatory missions.

The campaign has never fully delivered on a great experience and does leave much to be desired for the single player gamer. If these people need something to play then the multiplayer section of the game still remains the most fun piece of recent Call of Duty games. Whether a fan of local play or even online the offerings are quite good. For these people without online access, local play is quite a fun thing to play particularly if you can gather a couple of friends around. On the other side of the scale playing local play alone is still somewhat satisfying with the ability to change the difficulty of enemy AI to provide a challenge.



If you can gather a few friends around there are several great modes to play in local mode. Several fun party games such as one in the chamber and gun game add a further layer of strategy to how you can play and can throw players off balance and out of their element which keeps things interesting. Standard modes such as Team Deathmatch and Free for All still continue to be completely satisfying. A new mode has also been added known as Hardpoint which sees players race to a specific location and attempt to hold it down as long as possible until it moves elsewhere. The local play is fun but is always better if you can get some friends around as there is the possibility of making up your own fun matches with activities such as hide and seek (This mode doesn’t exist in the game, it is one I made up for the Team Deathmatch mode when you have friends).

If you can’t gather friends but you want to face real people and you have a stable internet connection, Online play is certainly a great place to go. There is a problem with this as I review this game on the Wii U the online play is mostly barren and devoid of players. If you don’t want to play team deathmatch there is not much on offer otherwise and depending on the time of day you may not even be able to get a match. When you can, though, the online play is certainly fun and offers a rewarding experience and plenty of variety in players from the new and less skilled to the great players who add a fun challenge.




If you don’t want to play Zombi U then Call of Duty Zombies returns for you to play. The mode is basically see how long you can survive but instead of being a strictly single player experience Treyarch have opted to make this an online two player experience and one that is great in small bursts. Personally though I will stick with Zombi U.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is still the same basic game we have seen countless times before. The changes made does at least make things more interesting but the real question of this game is does it deliver a quality Call of Duty game on Nintendo’s platforms and the answer is yes, it does. Treyarch may not have made much use of the gamepad but the map, ability to play on the gamepad while another player uses the TV in Multiplayer matches and Off TV play features do at least give us a little something. Black Ops 2 is a fun game, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it is still a great game for people to play. Plus it was great that I could sensor all of the bad language in the game, it’s a small thing but it’s better then constantly hearing all the language.

Author’s note: I have played both the Wii U and the 360 versions of the game and I personally find the Wii U version to be the better version thanks to Off TV play which is a very nice feature and means I don’t have to use the TV or can just listen to something while I am playing.

Could Call of Duty Advanced Warfare be coming to the Wii U?

You know what it seems stupid that after all these years of Activision providing Nintendo players with Call of Duty games that seems to be coming to an end. I understand franchises like Battlefield by EA games ignoring the Wii U because they have never really supported Nintendo platforms at all with that particular franchise but Call of Duty even through the underpowered Wii era has always had a place for Nintendo gamer’s so to this point not having an announcement that Advanced Warfare the latest game in the franchise is coming to the Wii U is sad and disheartening to those like myself who have played the last two entries on the Wii U. For all that I have said though hope may not be lost for us Wii U fans who want to play the game on their preferred console.

People have been able to find multiple instances of the word “wiiu” in the source code for the official website of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare; many have taken this as a sign that Advanced Warfare will release on the Wii U in addition to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So there might still be hope, I know that Call of Duty has not been a great seller on Nintendo platforms but why stop supporting them now when they are just getting better on Nintendo platforms. Lets just hope we find out something soon.

Games to play when you need to stay awake

There is times in life where we must keep ourselves going and keep ourselves awake for longer periods of time then we are used to. It is days like New Year’s Eve where that statement particularly rings true as keeping yourself up and awake just to see out that old year out can be a struggle. This is also true of other days in the year where you decide to keep yourself up for whatever reason. Keeping yourself awake can be quite difficult and to do this I find that this is one of the great times to pick up a game and play to see out the time.  Well here is a list of games to play that will keep you going and awake while you wait out the time.

Call of Duty (series)


Of all the games to play Call of Duty games would most likely stand as the games to play for a quick boredom buster. It provides a simple concept which is essentially shoot or be shot, but for the more adult audience this simple concept has the ability to keep them amused for hours. For something to do Call of Duty games combine a decent local multiplayer, and an excellent online feature that will make for the perfect way to kill a couple of hours. Not to mention that Call of Duty games require so much attention and thinking that they can keep you awake.

Pokemon (series)


It is nights when you are trying to keep yourself awake that your mind can wander and try to figure out what to do, but how about a proposition for Pokemon fans there are a couple of good options. To keep yourself awake how about attempting to complete that Pokedex you have been waiting to do. If that isn’t for you training your Pokemon could be, working to raise that perfect Pokemon and become stronger. But otherwise there is another option you can battle people from around the world which is sure to keep you awake and on your toes as you try to best the masters.

Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 monster

A good way to keep the mind active is to force it to think and have activities that require strategy, planning and more. For this idea I select Pikmin 3 as another great game to keep you awake. The core base of the game is based on strategy and planning in organising how you are going to go about your day. Outside of the story mode the challenge mode offers a deeper challenge which is bound to keep you focused and awake when necessary.



A great use of time and a key point of mental focus comes in the form of Minecraft. A simple enough game that relies completely on the imagination. This games concept can keep you busy as long as your imagination has something to consider and create. With that idea in mind Minecraft is sure to sure keep you awake as long as you focus on what you want to create and just go for it.

Wii Sports


Have you got friends or family you can gather around if you do then Wii Sports is certain to provide enough fun to keep you and your company amused. On your own Wii Sports may not be that great for keeping you awake but add friends and you can strive to see who is best and pass many hours by without even noticing.

Keeping yourself awake is never an easy thing to do. From personal experience I know this can be a challenge and without the proper amusement and focus it is easy to lose. Hopefully though my suggestions will keep you amused and awake when necessary.