Wii U eshop highlights

The Wii U has a whole host of great games as well as a few mediocre ones. Games like Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 and even Lego City Undercover are great games that can be bought on disc. Often though I believe many of us forget about Nintendo’s digital offering on the eshop which also hosts a decent library of games. There are several ones worth mentioning but for now here is just one.


Nano Assault Neo is a very interesting game. When the Wii U was first release this was one of its launch titles. Anyone wanting to wage germ warfare will be satisfied with what this provides as you the player pilot your little ship and shoot all forms of germs and enemies in order to fix the cell cluster. It is a very interesting game that many people should enjoy and provides a fun experience as well as being one of the major highlights of the eshop.

Score chasers will find more satisfaction with the game then other gamers as the online leader boards provide a certain challenge which they will try to meet which is very challenging to reach for. As well as this the game is very beautiful with several picturesque cells.

If you live in Australia the game can be purchased for $13.00 and is cheaper in America.