Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo coming overseas

Earlier this week a demo for the upcoming Pokemon remakes was announced and released in Japan and with this demo special things are going to happen that affect your full game when it releases this November. Of course when this demo was announced there was a number of people outside of Japan who were hoping this demo would arrive outside of Japan and I can officially say that it has been confirmed.

Here is all the details you need to know about the demo:

Start your next Hoenn region adventure early with a special demo version of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. This demo features gameplay that you won’t experience anywhere else. During the course of this adventure, you’ll be surprised to encounter familiar Pokémon that can now Mega Evolve! What’s more, you can bring this Pokémon into your full Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire game. You can even bring over the reward items that you obtained during your Special Demo Version adventure. Stay tuned for details on how to bring the Pokémon and items into your full game.

You can play the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version as many times as you like. Look for special scenarios that occur if you play every day.

Stay tuned for details on how to get a code that will enable you to download the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version from Nintendo eShop. Don’t miss this chance to start your adventure in Hoenn and discover Mega-Evolved Pokémon you’ve never seen before!

Here’s hoping we get the details within the next week or two.


Latest issue of Coro-Coro reveals three new Mega evolutions for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire plus other details

What news is better then Pokémon news and as it is that time of the month again we have the latest details coming out of Coro-Coro. The images suggested by this month mostly relate to Mega Evolution and in fact we have three new mega evolutions confirmed for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Coming from this month we have three very exciting Pokémon confirmed as Mega Evolutions and quite frankly before we go on I must say good job to Game Freak for improving Pokémon that needed improving and also say I think the new updated designs look really cool.

So coming from Coro-Coro this month we have confirmation of Sharpedo, Gallade and Camerupt getting a mega evolution. Mega Sharpedo has the Strong Jaw ability and Mega Camerupt has the Sheer Force ability. As it also appears we will see the trainer Wally with a Mega Gallade. Good choices, don’t you agree? They are each different and what I find funnier is that now both Gardevoir and Gallade both have a mega evolution.

By a further look at Coro-Coro this month it also appears both of the title legendary Pokémon also appear to e receiving new abilities. Apparently Primal Kyogre has something to do with spouting the brand new Land of Beginnings and Groudon with Land of Endings. Both will trigger an effect known as Strong Rain and Strong Sunlight though it’s unknown what implication this will have on gameplay. I do wonder might this be how in each game we will get new areas to visit based on how these affect add to the world when they happen. This just all leaves a lot to theorize and imagine and here’s hoping we will see the reveal of more new mega evolutions such as Slaking in the future.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – Mega Audino screenshots, official announcement

Just the other day we received a sort of confirmation in regards to a small selection of mega evolutions in this case being Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino. This was found through the Korean Pokemon website but we had no idea about when the Pokemon would receive an official announcement, well as it appears Gamecon was that time but not for Mega Slowbro but instead Mega Audino and an official announcement has been released:

Today The Pokémon Company International showcased the Mega-Evolved form of Audino in a new trailer made especially for the crowds at gamescom, taking place this week in Cologne, Germany.

Audino was not known to evolve from or to any other form, so this is an interesting twist in the mysterious story of Mega Evolution.

Before Mega Evolving, Audino is known to use the feelers on its ears to tell how others are feeling or when a Pokémon Egg might hatch. It may have either the Healer Ability or the Regenerator Ability. After Mega Evolving, Mega Audino adds Fairy type to its Normal type, automatically gaining all the advantages of Fairy type. Mega Audino always has the Healer Ability.

Thanks to its improved Defense and Special Defense stats, Mega Audino can be a great support in Double Battles. It emits a powerful, soothing pulse from its body that reduces hostility in others and calms any opponent within range. Pokémon should avoid contact with Mega Audino’s new secondary feelers lest they fall into a deep sleep and become easy prey to an opponent’s attacks!

Mega Slowbro & Mega Audino outed by the official Korean Pokemon site

As it appears we have confirmation of two new mega evolutions and the latest ones are from from the Pokemon I was expecting, according to the Korean Pokemon website Mega evolutions of Slowbro and Audino are set to appear. These two Pokemon are two of the main ones I would never have expected particularly Audino. The full listing of these mega evolutions has not been given yet but I am certain this will come for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and perhaps we will see a full announcement of these Mega Evolutions during Gamescon which is already well underway so stay tuned for a proper announcement. I also imagine that in a few years time every Pokemon will be mega evolved and Audino and Slowbro to at least look cool and I look forward to any future mega evolutions to come as I imagine there are still plenty more waiting in the wings to jump into the spotlight.

Beldum event set for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is out in just a couple of months and as we find out about new mega evolutions and several other things. One of the announcements made last month was about Metagross receiving a mega evolution and since then or just recently it has been confirmed that we will be playing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with a bonus Pokemon to have from the very beginning. This Pokemon is a shiny Beldum along with its mega stone allowing us to have ourselves a much better experience then we did back in the original games.

On top of this a trailer has been given displaying the new mega evolutions as well as how contests have changed, eve allowing mega evolution if you haven’t checked out the trailer yet here it is. Now we can look forward to future Pokemon possibilities.

New Mega Evolutions announced for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire plus other details

Hello all it is that time of the month again which I mean in the good way it is time when the leaks come out of Japan from Japanese publication Coro-Coro and in this case the leaks have started relating to the upcoming Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and some more details relating to the game. Might I also add that the details presented this month have me really excited as they give me all the details I want about the game.
One of the key parts of this months announcements pertain to mega evolutions and the Pokemon that have now been announced to have these evolutions. Two of these Pokemon are ones I have been really wanting mega evolved for a few months now and I am pleased to be able to announce that mega evolutions for Salamence and Altaria have been announced and they look really cool, on top of this Lopunny the evolution of Buneary has also received a mega evolution. Mega Altaria is Dragon/Fairy type with Pixilate and Mega Lopunny who is Normal/Fighting type with Scrappy. Mega Salamence can use the ability Aerilate.

When players change Pikachu’s clothes for contests, it gets special moves. Pikachu Rock Star can use the move Meteor Mash, Pikachu Ph. D. knows Electric Terrain, Pikachu Pop Star knows Draining Kiss, Pikachu Belle knows Icicle Crash, and Pikachu Libre knows Flying Press.

Another tidbit from CoroCoro: players receive a shiny Beldum – who holds its Mega Stone – in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire through an event. The magazine also confirms that you’ll earn special clothes for participating in contests with you meeting a Contest Idol named Lucia.

Simon’s Thoughts – How DLC could benefit the Pokemon franchise

Downloadable content or DLC as many of you seem to prefer has become an increasing staple in the video game industry, the extra content provided by this feature has allowed games to further expand and tell an extended story of past, present and future as well as offering additional gameplay for people who enjoy multiplayer with the additions of new maps in games such as Call of Duty. The addition of this content has on occasion made games better but in a sense it has made games feel incomplete, this has come down to how the players of these games feel like they’re playing a game that the developers were rushed to finish and so this content had to be made. Now in my thoughts I am not considering that Game Freak should just release a game Gym by Gym for the sake of releasing a game faster, that would not be worth it and would upset a lot of long time fans instead I would actually suggest that we can extend the long time enjoyment of the games by the use of DLC and I will tell you why.

One of the biggest problems that I often find in Pokemon games is post game content, the games for the most point lack any form of extra content beyond the story and that can quickly lead to a level of disappointment for those like myself who tend to enjoy the story of the game and enjoy the adventure of the game more so than the online content. Some of us are not very good when it comes to raising really tough Pokemon and so that is why we enjoy our adventure, the game never forces us to have a Pokemon with maximum EV’s or Effort values in order to beat an enemy trainer and the world is free for us to just explore, it is at these points I do consider the importance of DLC and the positive effects it can have on the gamer.


The one thing that I have often thought is wrong with the Pokemon games is the lack of story given throughout the world, sure we have our main premise point new trainer gets a Pokemon, he or she travels around the region battling a series of gym leaders all in the mean time stopping a major criminal organization with their own evil or misguided goals. While these ideas have worked for all these years I still think that there are many more stories that can be told in this world then the games actually tell and the many towns of the game along with the residents that reside there could be major parts of telling said story. Even if the developers did not want to have this as part of the main game due to time constraints DLC could be a helpful factor in expanding the world and bringing greater depth. A whole lot of the areas presented in Pokemon games feel unnecessary to the core game and it is sad that they can build these worlds but the developers never really try to prompt more than one visit to a wide number of places and DLC could bring the opportunity to really give these towns a voice and maybe even expand on the original map with selected new areas that the player can freely visit at any time once the story element set there is completed.

I also reckon DLC could help in really exploring the ideas of Pokemon and some of their abilities to provide new ideas and a whole new sense of adventure. I reference the Pokemon television series and Ash’s adventure in the Sinnoh region, in one of the episodes Ash and his friends encounter a Mismagius that hypnotizes them and places them in a world of their dreams where they finally achieve their goals. I think Game Freak could expand upon this content from the Pokemon television series into the games to really give a further sense of adventure for the Pokemon and with this example get put n a world similar to that of Mad Hatters in Batman Arkham Origins where Batman is in a fantasy world reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. But there are several stories Game Freak could tell with a varying number of Pokemon to really bring to mind just how unique each one is and expand upon the knowledge of the world.


Likewise Game Freak could also use DLC as a way to help get legendary Pokemon and actually make it mean something. As we know through the general story of the Pokemon games we often encounter a small selection of legendary Pokemon tied to the story of the game such as title legendaries, including Pokemon such as Dialga in Pokemon Diamond and Palkia in Pokemon Pearl. Outside of this there is only really a smaller selection that really work as part of the games story others all exist outside of the story and even outside of the games and we must wait for the events to receive a special Pokemon that I have always felt bored by just receiving and I feel that they should create a story expanding on these Pokemon. Just receiving a single Pokemon from an event does not provide that same sense of satisfaction as managing to finally capture that elusive legendary that you have chased for so long such as Latios and Latias. So providing a story of some kind through the use of DLC could really help bring satisfaction to receiving these special Pokemon, I am not concerned about extra areas though that would be really nice for bringing special means to these Pokemon. I have actually joked that for many years I thought they should bring Celebii into the main Pokemon games and they could create an interesting area for it to exist such as something called Celestial Tower where time has been completely frozen similar to parts of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers games.

Of course I have noted that there is is an issue with my ideas DLC would cause some problems in a sense of the game and could be hard to implement with the basic individual structure of everyone’s game but the ideas are there. Still it is in an option but it seems unlikely that Game Freak would ever implement these ideas even though it would help. I still think either way Game Freak should find a way to extend on the end game and even perhaps build a full story beyond the Pokemon League. But again this is where the DLC idea could work and make the games better for everyone and provide a more full and longer experience outside of playing online against others and that in itself would be well worth to improve everything. What are your thoughts on the subject let me know?

Pokemon X and Y review

Platform: 3DS

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: Nintendo/ Pokemon Company

Score: 9.5

A long awaited step forward for Pokémon kind.

Change is inevitable, it is always bound to happen and while many don’t want it, it sometimes creeps up on you unexpectedly. Pokémon has always had a pitch perfect formula which has worked well for many years. The problem that exists though is that many have been asking for change for so long, waiting to see the games make use of proper three-dimensional gameplay. It seems that although it has taken a while, Game Freak has listened and brings Pokémon into a new era ushering in a permanent change for the better.


images (8) images (7)

Game Freak promised this change when they announced X and Y wanting us to see a difference. This may be immediately notable for the most part but there are still things that have not been touched, such as the battles which still act in a rock, paper, scissors manner using elemental advantages to beat other Pokémon, Water beats fire and fire beats grass and so on, also we still catch and train our Pokémon. The base game is still about setting out from your home town to collect the eight gym badges to go and challenge the Pokémon league. As well as trying to stop the plans of the evil team Flare while uncovering the secrets behinds the mysteries of the Kalos region. It doesn’t derive much from past Pokémon games but it does follow a winning formula which has carried the Pokémon games for years.

downloadimages (3)

However, outside of battling and the story is where the change is definitely noticeable. The key thing I really must mention is the game’s presentation. The game looks beautiful and within battles they look better than they ever did before and being reminiscent of the Nintendo 64’s Pokémon Stadium. All battles are in full 3D and even include a far better set of battle animations than we have ever seen with them all being in 3D and having some pretty awesome looks. There is definitely nothing available on the 3DS that looks better than this right now.


Outside of battle when travelling across the overworld the game is almost entirely in 2D, with the 3D features on the 3DS only being usable in a couple of selected places. This isn’t really a problem and is actually more of a relief as even without the 3D the over world still looks amazing. With people looking like people and a well-designed overworld filled with well-designed towns and routes, the world is a nice treat for the eyes and is brilliant even without the 3D features.

On a more practical level, Pokémon X and Y introduces two new battle types, a new evolution and a new Pokémon type. The new battle types are called sky battles and horde encounters and if I am being honest neither is that exciting and makes rotation battles from Black and white seem better. Sky Battles are random battles you will come across with trainers who use only flying type Pokémon. These are 100% optional challenges which have you face down their flying type Pokémon with whatever certain flying types you have on hand, you can also use certain Pokémon that have the levitate ability. Horde encounters are completely random encounters with wild Pokémon that has you facing down five low level Pokémon with one of your own at one time. Luckily neither of these are very common and do not get in the way of the experience, though they don’t really add anything either.

images (2)

On the other side of the scale, mega evolutions and the new fairy types are brilliant new additions which brought a lot of excitement. mega evolutions are new forms that Pokémon take on to add power to themselves and allow them at times to balance themselves out or on occasion add an extra type than what they usually have. However these evolutions are only temporary, which means they are only for a small amount of time and don’t mess with the balance that Game Freak has spent years trying to perfect.

The new fairy type also adds a lot to the classic formula. This new type has shifted the balance to give dragons something to fear while also giving poison types something they are strong against and is quite a nice inclusion. Again, this just adds to the strategy and helps further balance it all out without messing with the finely tuned strategic value that has been crafted. Also I really liked the new fairy types as it actually forced me to learn a new advantage and disadvantage and make mistakes in the process which has forced me to think about my advantages and relearn parts of this long-standing rulebook.

images (5)images (6)

Outside of battles, further changes are also present, more tuned to how you travel around the world. Pokémon X and Y has done away with the four way grid that has plagued the series for years and has instead offered us an eight way grid which has made the world feel even more open and easier to get around. Also items like your bike and roller skates are both available early in the game helping you get around quicker. The bike is still decent but I wish I could say the same for the roller skates, which I will admit took me many hours to get used to due to their unbalanced speed. Thankfully by the time I approached the half way point I had given up trying to figure out how to take them off and went with them even if I still don’t particularly like them.


If you are looking for further activities to do outside of battle then there are also a few additions that make for a nice distraction from what is going on in the main story and game. The first of these new features is the new customization option that lets you change your character’s clothing and hairstyle, to match your own preferences which is a nice little inclusion to make you different to everyone else. The second of these fun new additions is the new Pokémon-Amie feature which acts as a sort of Nintendogs style minigame where you can pet and feed your Pokémon, as well as play around with them to give effects such as a higher critical hit ratio which will help out in battles. The last of these new additions is the super training, which acts as a training regime to help your Pokémon build up on their statistical abilities, such as defence and speed, by raising up their EV points in a way that challenges you and removes the need to battle Pokémon over and over again. Whether Super Training takes over the old fashioned EV training still remains to be seen but I personally found this to be far more fun and enjoyable and each is well-made and carries benefits over to the main game.

download (1)images (4)

Another noticable change is how Pokémon are used and distributed throughout the region. I will admit that the number of new Pokémon that exist in this game are very underwhelming and I did find this strange. But within the region there were a good variety of Pokémon that existed from all five regions we have previously visited. In fact it was nice that in the first hour, as well as coming across one or two new Pokémon, I also came across old favourites such as Pidgey, Caterpie and many others. Across the region I came across many different Pokémon which I found nice even though it did become annoying that there were so many Pokémon I wanted to work with but I could only train up eight at best. However, it was nice to have the options and choices.


But to at least allow the options one of the best changes I found was how experience points have been distributed. Pokémon now easily get experience points regardless of whether they just appeared in the battle or fought vigorously. In past Pokémon games the use of two Pokémon would result in experience points being divided up equally, however that has been modified so that all participating Pokémon receive the full extent of experience points. I know this makes it seem like things are getting easier and training is not so difficult but this has opened the door for the game to be far more challenging than Black and White ever were, and have led to me facing a few serious losses towards the end of the game because I underestimated things later on in my adventure.


Pokémon X and Y are not without their flaws and some of the new additions and changes are a bit pointless. However, for what the game offers and the fact this is the first attempt at a proper step forward for the series I do give some lenience with that thought. But what is satisfying is that for the entire 37 hours I had with this game I was having fun, and was quite engrossed with just about everything I came across, and that promised change was definitely delivered and just made the game all the more better.

Pokemon Y diary day 2

Hello and welcome to day 2 of my Pokemon Y diary where I recount my adventure of the day, again before I go anywhere I will admit I did not play that much again today as I was having more time with Rhythm Thief and the Emperors Treasure. But I have had some more time with the game and my adventure today took me into Santalune forest.

Following yesterday’s special training of my starter Pokemon Fenniken I began my journey today heading out on my journey into Santalune forest, after spending a good portion of my time training my Fenniken in the forest I finally came across my Pikachu. After a quick battle I managed to capture my Pikachu and began my super training upon completion my Pikachu is now a master in Special Attack and Speed, following this I continued my journey and travelled through the forest continuing my training. I am now on my way to Santalune City ready to face down my first gym leader of the game with my Pikachu as my partner. First my training must continue until tomorrow when I will recount tomorrow’s adventure.

As it stands my Pokemon levels sit at:

Fenniken/ Male/ Level 11

Pikachu/ Female / Level 9

Stay tuned for more in my Pokemon journey as I hopefully will start having more to recount. In case you missed it here is my first dairy from my journey.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire past and present image comparison

There is definitely a difference between recent Pokémon games such as Pokémon X and Y and the upcoming Ruby and Sapphire remakes, this come in comparison to the original Pokémon games all the way up to about Diamond and Pearl. The noticeable difference has happened in just how much art styles, technology and the power of a console has improved and with each time making the games look even better even just a simple remakes showed a severe improvement in look compared to the original game. This is what it is all about, the image at the top is a comparison showing three sequences in both games and really showing just how much the games have improved.

The first image comes from the start of the game and we already know from our time with Pokémon X and Y that the battle look and design has improved and you can easily see just how improved it has been it eleven years with better detail presented then just a flat and possibly uneventful battle.

The second image is set just outside the Rustboro city gym and again the detail is incredible, I always liked Rustboro city back in the day but the level of detail and the design just makes things look better and again not so flat.

Lastly the third image is the Rustboro city gym and you can definitely see the level of detail added, I mean no offence but the original Rustboro gym was pretty bland as you can see but the new one is really incredible the addition of a museum looks like a natural fit and the skeletons in the back just look really cool, hopefully we see similar improvements in other gyms.